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Student Interview: Berkeley-based artist Anandamayi

Le Covid or La Covid?

Le petit Larousse also  announced new entries for their 2022 edition

何気ない Nanigenai

The poetic nuance of language

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I share bits of my lessons, ideas I use to bring joy to of the learning process, and helpful tips to build confidence while learning new languages and cultures. You can see my free, public posts here.


Creating omakase for linguistics and cultural explorers.

I am a Japanese cultural consultant and former fashion PR manager with over a decade of experience in Japan’s fashion industry. I currently teach Japanese, French, and Latin (language and culture) to a variety of people, many of whom are tech professionals. In addition to my educational work, I regularly interpret at European fashion events and with press outlets. My clients have included All Nippon Airways (ANA), Airbnb, Giuseppe Zanotti Designs, Time Out Tokyo, and Vice Media.

Through my bi-national upbringing, both French and Japanese are my native languages. I’ve lived in Geneva, Tokyo and San Francisco: my life has always been about language and culture.My days are spent immersed in multi-lingual research which includes following everything from national media and events, to social media trends and a variety of texts for lesson content creation. My passion for teaching is centered on providing both the historical and ever shifting contemporary context for language studies. Many of my posts include Japanese, French and English writings, as well as some Latin quotes.During my private lessons, I am inspired by the many interesting questions I receive from engaged students. Their curiosity and love to learn also provides me with new and deeper insights on languages. Seneca might have said it best: “Homines, dum docent, discunt.” (“People learn while they teach”).