My language clients are predominantly professionals looking to improve their fluency and cultural knowledge for their work. Japanese-language students range from IT managers seeking fluency in Japanese social media, lawyers needing coaching with business language and manners, to artists who exhibit shows in Japan, and more. I help them develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the infinite nuances specific to the Japanese language and culture.

For French-language students, I have taught to students from UC Berkeley, International Baccalaureate, Piedmont high school, Japanese professionals and more. I helped them understand French grammar and literature better, and pass their tests and exams.

I love teaching and teaming up with my students to help them achieve their goals. It’s fulfilling to watch their personal progress. I adjust every lesson to my students’ requests and needs. I like to collaboratively decide on what learning materials work best and regularly update my personal educational library. While I use various materials I have picked up internationally, I am always open to using my students’ preferred materials.