Cultural Consultant and Language Coach – Adviser to travel companies


Currently based in San Francisco, I serve as a bridge to my clients, who are predominantly working professionals looking to improve their Japanese fluency and cultural knowledge. Recent clients range from IT managers seeking fluency in Japanese social media to lawyers needing coaching with business language and manners. I help them develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the infinite nuances specific to the Japanese language.

I am available as a consultant on Japanese culture, etiquette, daily manners, pop culture, trends, and more. Previous work includes providing cultural context for Vice and Ellen Page’s new show “Gaycation” (Japan Episode). I currently also work as an adviser to the Japanese travel company F-ness & Associates.

Thanks to my international upbringing and my 10 years of experience working in Tokyo, I have a deep understanding of and insight to Japanese and Western cultures. Education is a big part of what I offer both linguistically and culturally. Let me help you navigate the cultural currents of international communication.

As a language coach, I love teaching and teaming up with my students to help them achieve their goals. It’s fulfilling to watch their personal progress. I adjust every lesson to my students’ requests and needs. I like to collaboratively decide on what learning materials work best and regularly update my personal educational library. While I use various books, games, and magazines I have picked up internationally, I am always open to using my clients’ preferred materials.

Let’s take your language skills to the next level!


I am a native Japanese and French speaker who is also fluent in English. After graduating from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, I earned a “Licence es Lettres” (equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts), in Japanese, ancient Roman history, and Latin.

In 2001, I moved to Japan to pursue a doctorate in ancient Japanese grammar at the University of Tokyo. However, I left the doctorate program after two years when I found a greater calling in Tokyo’s fashion world. I then worked for a variety of international fashion and import firms; translated, interpreted for import firms; wrote for Japanese magazines; and coached Japanese and French.

*Please note my cancellation policy: to cancel a session, contact me by text 24 hours or more before your lesson; if you do so, I won’t charge you and will do my best to accommodate your rescheduling request. If you contact me less than 24 hours before your lesson, I will charge you in full. A rescheduled session is subject to the above cancellation policy, too.